Perfect Eyebrows + My Eyebrow Routine



One of my favorite parts while doing my makeup, is the eyebrows. I just love eyebrows! I believe that they basically frame the face and give some structure to it. Imagine how weird your face would look without eyebrows. I know right? Therefore, eyebrows are a very important part of any makeup routine.

The first thing is to give the right shape to your eyebrows. By right I mean the shape that suits and flatters your face the most. The best thing would be to follow the natural arch and pluck it based on that. The two ends of your eyebrow are guided by your nose and your eye. So basically to find the beginning of your eyebrow mark a straight line from your nostril and up. Where your nostril ends is where your eyebrow begins. The end of your eyebrow is found my placing a ruler or a pencil diagonally from your nostril to the outer corner of your eye. This is where the eyebrow should end. To find your arch, you get the very same pencil/ruler and from the end of your nostril (like all the previous times), you take it at the centre of your pupil and up. That’s how you find where the highest part of your arch should be. It is an easy peasy way to map your eyebrows.

My eyebrow routine-Favorite products

When I groom my eyebrows, I basically pluck them where I need to in order to maintain my shape, and then I also use a tiny pair of scissors to trim them a little bit. I also use alcohol before I start plucking, to open up my pores a little so the process won’t hurt that much. Of course, I also brush them through the entire process so I can see how they will look eventually.


When I am doing my eyebrow makeup, I use a few products I really like. For feeling in my brows I use a pencil or a shadow. My favorite pencil is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown. I absolutely love that pencil because it has a very fine tip, which is perfect for creating a natural (not overdrawn) look. Plus it has a spooley brush as well.


When I have more time at hand, I prefer to use a shadow than a pencil. My favorite duo is from the Naked 2 Basics palette from Urban Decay. I use the second darkest shade called Primal for the first half of my brow up to my arch, because this is a lovely taupe-brown shade that will keep the look natural. If I used a darker shade my eyebrows would look unnatural and overdrawn. For the second part of the brow I use the darkest shade called Undone, because it is a cool-toned dark brown, which is perfect for filling in my sparse part. I use an angled brush because of its shape.



After I am done with the filling of the brows, I brush them with the spooley to blend any excess product and then I use my Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel to set my eyebrow so there won’t be any unruly hair flying to different directions. Sometimes when I am too lazy to fully do my eyebrows, I use a tinted eyebrow gel to fill them in a little and set them at the same time. I mostly use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel in Brunette but lately I am loving Benefit’s Gimme Brow in Medium/Dark. Both of them are lovely.


Besides the products mentioned above, I also love Urban Decay’s Brow Box in Brown Sugar. It is an amazing all-in-one product as it has 2 shades for the brows, a pair of tweezers, two angled brushes and wax to set the brows. An amazing tool perfect for daily use or when travelling.

Brows are an important part of the face; they add structure to all the characteristics. Therefore, grooming them is an important part of a makeup look. It doesn’t matter what you use to get the right brow; it could be shadow, pencil or simply a tinted brow gel. No matter what you choose to use or how you choose to do your eyebrows, keep in mind that they should always frame your face and highlight your features. Try not to overdo them but instead always keep them natural-looking. It doesn’t matter how thin or thick they are as long as they look natural and not like glued on or drawn on. I would love to know your eyebrow routine and your favorite eyebrow products. Also lets connect on my Instagram (@vogueandmacarons) or Twitter (@vogueandmacaron).

Till next time take care dolls 😉 xxx



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