Image credits stated below
Image credits stated below

March has arrived and we all what that means: spring has arrived as well! Maybe not fully yet, since the weather is still a bit chilly occasionally, but undoubtedly spring is slowly setting in. Just in a few weeks from now, the weather will be much warmer and brighter than currently and your wardrobe has to be ready to match the new wonderful weather. These 6 pieces are inspired by the powdery, pastel palette and they are the perfect pieces to take you from the cold and gloomy winter to the warm and vivid spring. I absolutely love powdery colors, especially pink; therefore, I am very excited to incorporate these pieces to my own wardrobe. The pieces include clothes as well as accessories, because an outfit is incomplete without accessories.

The powdery blue coat

Image2: http://www.asos.com
Image1: http://www.missguided.com

Now you all know how much I love pastel pink; from all the pastel colors it is my favorite. However, this year, in order to stir up the routine, a lovely pastel blue coat is a great choice. Blue is very versatile color, as it works incredibly well with denim. It could easily replace the casual denim jacket and transform the look into something a little more sophisticated. It is also a lighter version of the navy blue coat. Blue is the color of the spring, cloudless sky. This Missguided cocoon coat (image1) in pastel blue and this ASOS below-the-knee coat (image2) in the same color are great alternatives to the usual pink coat. They are quite simple therefore perfect for daytime and casual outfits.

The baby pink flats

Image2: http://www.asos.com
Image2: www.asos.com
Image1: http://www.asos.com

I am a flat shoe lover. Being tall makes quite inconvenient for me to walk around 4 inch heels every day, plus I would totally look like a giant. I like how flat shoes apart from being very comfortable, they are also very girly and minimal. They complete my dreamy spring casual look. A pair of baby pink flats will be perfect for a pastel inspired spring outfit. They match with a variety of colors, which makes them a very versatile choice. These ASOS ballet flats with cutouts (image1) and these beautiful dusty pink lace-up flats from ASOS (image2) as well, have really caught my eye. They will look amazing with a cute, skater dress or even a pair of jeans. I love how they add a girly vibe to any plain outfit. Both pairs are simply gorgeous.

The pastel bag

Image2: http://www.zara.com
Image1: www.michaelkors.com
Image1: http://www.michaelkors.com

In order to complete a sugary-colored outfit, you need a bag in a candy color; blue, pink, lavender or yellow, it doesn’t really matter as all these colors are wonderful and they all magically match to each other. My personal favorite is either pink or blue, because I find these colors the easiest to match and combine. I also love lilac a lot but it is neither as popular as pink nor as easy as to incorporate into an outfit. I am absolutely in love with this Michael Kors baby blue bag (image1). It is very simple with no pockets or compartments; just one zipper. I love its simplicity and convenience. It is a very pretty bag yet due to its color it definitely stands out. A more affordable option is this lovely salmon colored ZARA bag (image2). I actually have the winter version of this bag, which is black and brown. I really like this color as I don’t find it very ordinary. I have way too many bags but surprisingly none in this color. I think it’s a beautiful and elegant color, perfect for a casual spring look.

The lavender dress

Image1: www.asos.com
Image1: http://www.asos.com
Image2: www.missguided.com
Image2: http://www.missguided.com

A cute skater dress in a pastel color is the perfect choice for spring. It is very girly and playful like the spring weather. I really love purple and all the shades of it. Lavender/lilac is my favorite shade. I love it because it is a romantic color but a little edgier than pink. This gorgeous ASOS skater dress (image1) is very simple; no decorations or special cuts. Just a plain, long sleeve skater dress, whose color alone makes it stand out. Also I really like this Missguided knit off-shoulder lilac dress (image2). It has a casual and relaxed vibe, but the exposed shoulder adds sexiness to it. A pair of thigh-high boots and this dress would make a killer outfit.

The pink-gold sunglasses

Image1: www.rayban.com
Image1: http://www.rayban.com
Image2: www.katespade.com
Image2: http://www.katespade.com

A pair of sunglasses is a necessary accessory of a warm-weather outfit. Not only it is convenient due to the sunny weather, it also tops off the entire look. This pair of the original Rayban aviator shades (image1) is simply beautiful; perfect bright pink shades with a delicate gold frame. The pair shades any girl needs for her joyful spring looks. These Kate Spade sunglasses (image2) are also a lovely spring choice. They come out in baby pink and mint color, which are the perfect spring pastels. Their cat-eye shape differs from the classic aviator one; it is a bit more feminine and sophisticated. I really like both pairs as they both stand out.

The colorful bracelet

Image1: www.katespade.com
Image1: http://www.katespade.com
Image2: www.katespade.com
Image2: http://www.katespade.com

A look is not complete without jewellery. A bracelet, a ring or a necklace is the finishing touch to any outfit; they polish it. Since the pastel colors are this season’s must, a bracelet with all these lovely colors, is the best jewellery you could have this spring. This gorgeous Kate Spade bracelet (image1)combines all the colors mentioned above and then some. Therefore, it goes with practically everything. It is so bright and vivid; perfect for spring. Another alternative would be another cute Kate Spade bracelet (image2), which instead of many different stripes of color has many colorful ice creams. This is such a lovely and unique bracelet!

March is the first month of spring; the season where the flowers bloom and the weather just gets warmer and warmer. Therefore, a wardrobe change is necessary. It is time to slowly move from the dark and gloomy colors of winter to brighter and lighter colors. When it comes to spring and summer color palette, pastel shades never go out of fashion. Who doesn’t love candy-color inspired clothes and accessories? From romantic dresses and shoes to playful accessories, pastel shades are a season must. They are the best choice for moving on to the new season.   Comment down below and share your favorite pastel shade. You know mine is pink! Also don’t forget to pop over my Instagram (@vocgueandmacarons) and Twitter (@vogueandmacaron) and say hello!


Till next time take care dolls 😉 xxx



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