charlotte tilbury

Hello guys! Being sick for a few days now has really brought down my mood, however, this weekend I received something I have been dying to try out since the end of November; Charlotte Tilbury’s “The Gift of Goddess” skin holiday set. You all may know by now that I am quite a skin care hoarder. I love skin care products probably more than makeup ones. The reason for that is that with skin care products you don’t just enhance your characteristics and your natural beauty, but you can actually improve your imperfections or any problems your skin may have. Skin care products are a huge addiction for me, especially moisturizers and face cleansers. I just love trying different brands and see what they have to offer.


Charlotte Tilbury is a very renowned makeup artist who works with many celebrities. I have heard so many amazing things about her makeup and skin care products so I have been longing to try some for quite a while. When I am not sure about a brand, I prefer to try a sample first before I invest in a full size product. Holiday sets are the perfect way to get to know a brand and try many different products. Therefore, when her holiday sets came out I really wanted to get one. I picked “The Gift of Goddess” skin set, because the products included are the ones I really wanted to get. The set has 3 products and is 15 ml each. It has Charlotte’s Magic Cream, which is a moisturizer, the Wonderglow, which is an illuminating cream like a highlighter, and the Goddess Skin Clay Mask, which obviously is a mask.


Charlotte’s Magic Cream is absolutely lovely. It is a moisturizing cream with SPF 15 so you can wear it in the daytime. I have been wearing it in the nighttime as part of my before-sleep routine. My skin is quite dry recently because of the cold weather and I need a good moisturizer. This cream is simple lovely. It smells amazing, like roses and gardenia, is thick enough but it is absorbed easily by the skin and it is spreadable, which means you only need a small quantity to cover the entire face. So although it is 15 ml, it will last for a while. I really enjoy using this cream and I do feel my skin moisturized. However, the best part is how soft my skin feels next morning. It is smooth like a baby’s butt. I absolutely recommend it.


The Goddess Skin Clay mask is a mask that lifts, smooths, brightens your skin and tightens your pores. I have used the mask twice so far and I am not very sure how I feel about it. It has the same lovely scent as the cream and it is very easy to apply on your skin. Because you need a thick layer in order to have some results, the 15 ml may not last for as long as the cream. It has a nice feel to it and it is easy to remove with a warm cloth. I love how my skin is soft and smooth afterwards and it does look a little brighter however, I can’t really tell if it lifts the skin and tightens the pores. I believe if it is used for a longer period, you might get all the mentioned results, but just after a couple of times I didn’t get everything promised. Hence I am unsure how I feel about it. I am not dissatisfied, but it is more like one of these products that don’t really wow you. It is a nice mask, smells good and is quite rehydrating. It feels lovely and it brightens the skin a bit. I am glad I got a 15 ml sized tube to check it out before I splurge on the big one.


Lastly, the Wonderglow is a very promising product but I don’t believe I fully understood what it is when I first put it on. I was under the impression it is a sort of metallic highlighting primer, like Benefit’s High Beam but as a primer. You can use the product under your foundation, over your foundation or just on its own on a makeup free face. Once I applied it though, I realized it is a shimmery product. It has a beige color which dissolves once you apply it, and it is very shimmery. I don’t like shimmer on my skin a lot especially on an everyday basis. I made the mistake to apply it to my entire face which stressed me out because I didn’t want to have shimmer on my forehead and chin. The shimmer however, is quite discrete, so I am confused as to what the product really does; if the shimmer is barely seen then I don’t understand what’s the point of it. Plus I can only apply shimmer on my cheeks, otherwise it’s going to look tacky a bit. So this product is very confusing to me and I didn’t really enjoy it.

“The Gift of Goddess” skin set by Charlotte Tilbury, is a lovely holiday set for anyone who has never used the brand before. The products are a great introduction to the brand’s skincare line. The size is quite small for the money you pay ( 50 euro ) but compared to the price for the full-sized ones it’s a good deal. Overall the products are quite nice, with the Magic Cream the set’s hit. I recommend this set for anyone who wants to try the brand out plus it would make a lovely Christmas present. Have you guys tried any of these products and if so what do you think about them? Don’t forget to pop over Instagram (@blueberrylover) and Twitter (@vickyinlalaland) to say hi.

Till next time take care dolls 😉 xxx





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